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Bristol in less than 24 hours



Our plan was to spend time in Cardiff with friends.  When we looked up flights it was way cheaper to fly to Bristol so we did.

I had never been before so we booked a place for the night so we could see some of the city and also visit Bath the following day.

It was really easy to get into Bristol city centre from the airport, (i will put all prices and links at the bottom of this post).  We had a little walk from Redcliff to our accommodation (AirBnB).  We were dropped off outside the very impressive gothic church St Marys of Redcliffe.

In a new city we always try to fit in a little sightseeing and photo taking whenever we are walking.  I learned how to compact sightseeing in cities when I worked on a ship and we had anything from 2 hours to 7 hours in a new place.

So, even in the rain, we set about roaming the city to see what was about.  The Visit Brisol tourist office was very helpful and a great place to start. They gave us a few pointers.

Visit Bristol

Bristol has an eclectic combination of architectural styles, ranging from the medieval to 20th century and beyond.   We had limited time and limited daylight so we picked a few places to see -The Waterfront, College Green, City Hall, Christmas Steps, the City Wall & St Johns Church, St Nicolas Market and Castle Park.  Once the rain got heavier we sought refuge aka coffee and beer in Llandoger Trow a 17th-century alehouse in Tudor style, where R.L. Stevenson reputedly wrote Treasure Island (we didn’t know this fact at the time.)

To finish off the day, which started at 7am in Ireland, we went to Za Za Bazaar for a delicious buffet dinner, they had Indian, European, Tex Mex, Aisan, Salads and Desserts, All you can eat and needless to say we may have overindulged in the amazing food.

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We made plans for the next morning as we planned to spend some time in Bath before heading to our final destination for this trip Cardiff.

useful links

Airport flyer express Transfer from the Airport

Accommodation for 80 a night  AirBnB

Caffe Gusto  on Claire Street.

Visit Bristol tourist office is location on the Waterfront

Za Za Bazaar Buffet 

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