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Arigna Ireland  (NorthWest) – 9th January 2016

Its seems only appropriate to do a post about where I am starting from.


Arigna, Co Roscommon, Ireland (North West).  I put the north west in there because sometimes people forget there is a north west to this lovely country.  When I am asked where I am from and I say I’m Irish, I am usually met with the following – Dublin?  No,  Cork? No ,  Belfast? No……   And at that they are out of questions.  Now I can’t say much because my geography on any given country is pretty poor (improving with my travels but still pretty poor).

Anyway, I am from a beautiful village in Roscommon called Arigna and it is my  peace.  Its beautiful mountainous countryside.

I put this clip together during the summer.

So today I am flying to the UK and tomorrow I will be rejoining the ship to start the world voyage.  I hope you will stay tuned for the updates.

For now, Ireland, see you in a few months. xx

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